Painting hamster with a funny hat and strawberries

hamster painting with strawberries

im very happy with my new works , i have a pet shop and i love animals sometimes we have new little guests that we play with them,and earlier a funny hamster
he is too cute and makes me smile when i putt him in a ball and he can run everywhere, and i made him a new home ,
that inspired me to start my journey drawings and add colors to my paintings , i love animations and funny illustrations,
i would like to create .and this is my first painting i colored it with color pencils .
i draw a funny hat for him , and two big strawberries


muse (2).jpg

i like this picture with those shiny ears

muse (3).jpg

muse (4).jpg

muse (5).jpg

muse (6).jpg


wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)


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