Nature photography , Masal, Gilan north of Iran , with my phone LG G3

hello dear community !

i have some pictures , Nature photography , Masal, Gilan north of Iran , with my phone LG G3
i took these pictures in my last trip to MAsal with my brother and friends , we had a great time there , as you see it have humid weather and wonderful scene
the man who is in the picture is so mysterious , with a lot of experiences in his life...........

salam dostane azizam, akshaye digari az Masal Gilan bahatun be eshterak migozaram , ke dar akharin safaram be anja ba dostan va baradaram gereftam, safare khobi bud , choopani ke dar ax mibinid be nazar kolebari az tajrobiyat va khaterat ba khod be hamrah darad ,

va chand axe digar az in asbe ziba va dost dashtani ham gereftam , omidvaram ke lezar bebarid dostane gerami ,





i try to show the beauty of Iran in my blog , with my pictures that i took with my phone , through my trips to different cities of Iran
i hope you enjoy to watch my blog ,
i will be happy to read your comments
if you like to see more pictures , give me a follow or a comment, to be in touch in our blogs ,
have a great day guys

i write in English and also Farsi , mix both in my blog :)

photos are taken by my Phone, LG G3

wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)

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26.07.2019 18:59

Those are lovely photos @h-hamilton! I love the hooded man in the photo too :)

Thank you for sharing the beauty of Iran, and thank you to @adeljose for featuring your post in a Pay it Forward Curation Contest entry :)

28.07.2019 22:08

Thank you so much @lynnoyle1 , i appreciate , that is great , also i thanks @adeljose ... :)

29.07.2019 13:53


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29.07.2019 02:56

thank you so much :)

29.07.2019 13:53

Beautiful photos, those are some incredible landscapes!

Congratulations on being featured by @adeljose in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

30.07.2019 14:45

Thanks for your entry, @adeljose! Interesting picks!

30.07.2019 14:49