my Monkey Mind repeat to buy more CCC , fun art


hi , today i did something weird , made this digital painting that shows what is it going in my mind about staking CCC , for sure i will do more, and just made something fun art for what i have in my mind, i bet you know about monkey mind who repeats over and over ,lol

in kare digital art ro emruz anjam dadam, chizi ke tu zehnam migozasht ro be tasvir keshidam , zehne tekrar shavande ke momkene har lahze chizi ro tuye mokhemon tekrar kone , va be surate fun daresh avordam,
hamrahe in gif ke akhare post gozashtam,

hami (3).jpg


its like he repeat in my mind to buy more CCC ,and stake
already i bought some and will do it when i can change some money to crypto and then CCC

hami (1).gif

hami (3)23.jpg

hami (1).jpg

hami (2).jpg

hami (3)2.jpg

wish you a wonderful day !

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