My favorite Place To Take A Walk

Nature Photograhy


My Favorite scene

hi my friends , Nature Photography is something i always enjoy ,i think many people love to take pictures of flowers and nature , because it is all positive vibes in it , the nature can be one of the biggest inspirations ,

just love the sun beams caressing this leaves , it is one of my favorite trees

flowernatureb (75).jpg

flowernatureb (219).jpg

natural colors

we were in this place months ago , i cannot believe times running how fast
seconds and hours, days and weeks passing like in a minute ,
i am grateful for everything

flowernatureb (263).jpg

flowernatureb (262).jpg

flowernatureb (259).jpg

i also love Black and White Photography , i plan to take and prepare some Black and White art , maybe in minimal Style , because i am a fan of it ! :)



thanks for watching , wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)


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Another beautiful walk by @h-hamilton. What a lovely place to visit, so colourful and serene, I feel like it would smell so wonderful too. Thanks for sharing, and for using the #walkwithme tag!

02.10.2019 13:13