my entry for Deranged Photography Contest - Flowers ,hosted by @derangedvisions , with my phone LG G3

my entry for Deranged Photography Contest - Flowers ,hosted by @derangedvisions , with my phone LG G3

here is the flower i entered the contest with it
as an Amateur tire
read the post here

most of the time when i am out with my girlfriend we enjoy to take pictures of flowers and nature around us ,
when we are walking together it is a joy to find beautiful flowers here and there and do some photography , and this flower which was so beautiful , tiny and also it had nice colors , something like purple - blue

also i have other pictures we took together


i like to putt flowers on her hair :)


flower photography

so here i have other pictures of flowers that i would like to upload in this post
hope you enjoy !


inja aftabe delangizi bud va az derakhte bid majnoon aks gereftam, asle aksesh kheli zibatare ke dar posthaye badi mizaramesh ,


my gift

my friend sent me this beautiful flower, it have a blue pot , and i changed it to a blue picture
i put it in my store ,on the table, it have small sweet red and yellow flowers , but they dont last a long time , most of flowers are like that

dostam in goldane kochiko ziba ro beman hediye dade , goldunesh abi hast va manam aks ro tabdil be in teme aabi kardam , omidvaram lezat bebarid



i try to show the beauty of Iran in my blog , with my pictures that i took with my phone , through my trips to different cities of Iran
i hope you enjoy to watch my blog ,
i will be happy to read your comments
if you like to see more pictures , give me a follow or a comment, to be in touch in our blogs ,
have a great day guys

i write in English and also Farsi , mix both in my blog :)

photos are taken by my Phone, LG G3


wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)

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Beautiful and colorful photos , your photos looks amazingly unique and nice

31.07.2019 14:04