Drawing Cat ! my journey in Threespeak

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Study Cat drawing

# My Daily Drawings In Threespeak !

hi guy

i love to travel , and now i have another target , wanna improve my drawing skills
i wanna start my exciting journey in Threespeak , i hope you enjoy to watch my videos
hopefully i will improve, i use graphite pencils and sketchbook ,normally i draw in my free time
this is another joy of life .
thanks for supporting me in my path !








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I really love watching drawings and if it's in a video from it's a great experience for me !!

Loving to see you bring up such great detail upon paper with your skills ! It is great to witness such cool stuff !

Do Keep Bringing more such vids :)

03.09.2019 15:53

😁 thank you Bro

08.09.2019 13:01

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