Graffiti Calligraphy with Farsi Font


The Art of Calligraphy

is something i always love , it is so nice and artistic in any Font and language and i love it in Farsi language because i am more familiar with and it is my mother tongue

had found it very accidentally and it attracted me

IMG_2dsdsa (2).jpg

IMG_2dsdsa (3).jpg

IMG_2dsdsa (4).jpg

The Blue Theme

as you see they do so much effort on this old wall ,
it was related for a place that they teach Calligraphy inside it, and we were in it's yard

i like this part with blue theme and Alphabets wrapped around each other
it looks very cool

IMG_2dsdsa (5).jpg

IMG_2dsdsa (6).jpg

IMG_2dsdsa (8).jpg

IMG_2dsdsa (9).jpg

IMG_2dsdsa (10).jpg

it was located on the wall at the end of the yard of place which teach Calligraphy


thanks for watching , wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)


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