Flowers And Abstract Art , Passion Of Photography

Flower Photograhy


just love abstract paintings,

and that why i use this online filter on my photography
hi my friends , i had a very nice day , and now i am sharing some flower photos with you guys , i add this awesome filter on them to look like a painting, i am an art lover bu t unfortunately i am not a painter but i love art, and i do photography , and i think this artistic online filters are so good on these photos


This Old Tree

we were in this place months ago , old trees in a park like a very big garden, walnut and other tree fruits
pearl and apple , i like that place so much , also there is a small river inside that place that we can take a rest and enjoy our time




See You In The Next Post , Have Fun And Enjoy Your Life



thanks for watching , wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)


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