dance of light and shadows

light and shadows

shadows of the first picture is lovely ,dancing of shadows and lights , in a sunny day i took these pictures about maybe three months ago , we had a great day , walking in this beautiful place

flowernatureb (76).jpg

natural colors and amazing look ... made us to take a walk along this road

flowernatureb (77).jpg

and this is one of my favorite trees , they are really beautiful and huge ,it make a beautiful sound when wind blows in it's branches

flowernatureb (79).jpg

cute wall art

and here some art and designs on the wall

flowernatureb (80).jpg

flowernatureb (81).jpg

flowernatureb (82).jpg

natural colors

the variety of green colors here is amazing

flowernatureb (83).jpg

flowernatureb (88).jpg


thanks for watching , wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)


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