African violets

African violet

these African violets were so sweet , there was a lot of them were sold in exhibition of flowers ,
i was there months ago , we had one of them and unfortunately it dried , it is hard to take care of them , need food and also special watering , not like other plants , but honestly they look awesome with great colors

flowernatureb (308).jpg

flowernatureb (309).jpg

little fishes in aquarium
they were several aquarium in the exhibition , i have posted other pictures .and this one for today , i like such little fishes , but i think i would like to buy bigger ones

flowernatureb (325).jpg

the wall of exhibition , covered by plants

flowernatureb (328).jpg


they were designed very neat , that why i took this picture , and it had a harmony which i liked

flowernatureb (333).jpg

this beautiful road :) deserve to take a picture from it
i like to walk in this park, and i have posted many pictures of this place .

flowernatureb (273).jpg


thanks for watching , wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)


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