Flower Exhibition, photography with phone LG G3

Flower Exhibition, photography with phone LG G3

we were in this flower exhibition weeks ago and now i am sharing pictures of inside

as you see the design looks cool ! so much natural flowers , and there was a good smell inside this place
with a lot of different kind of flower , which i will share more of them .in my posts .


the good point of this exhibitions is good price of every flower and you can chose your favorite one, because here are many flowers you can find ,in any color , i like the cactus part , i couldnt chose which one is good to buy :D

already i have some of them in my house .
hope you enjoy to watch these pictures

flowernatureb (319).jpg

flowernatureb (322).jpg

flowernatureb (316).jpg

i have one of these flowers now , and it is very healthy and beautiful

flowernatureb (318).jpg


this big bonsai was awesome ,with those roots ! loved it :)

flowernatureb (315).jpg

flowernatureb (312).jpg


these one is something different :D

flowernatureb (310).jpg

flowernatureb (314).jpg


thanks for watching , wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)


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This looks like it was a great time. Thank you for sharing.

29.09.2019 18:33