Flower Exhibition, photography with phone LG G3

Flower Exhibition, photography with phone LG G3

hi dear friends, we went to flower exhibitions month ago and still i ahve many pictures to upload , well cant resist to take picture of these beautiful flowers, in red leaf , well i wanted my girlfriend to buy one of them for her, becuae i wanted her to have it :) red lef is something nice in my idea, and i know she love flowers, and her mother have a lot of flower in her palace ,


and i want to share them with you in my blog, i also started to share my paintings, because i wrote that i would like to start drawings , and i did it , thanks for people who supported me in my path, traveling and drawing is something i like to do in my life, i work everyday and whenever i have time , i draw , and sometimes take pictures, these makes me feel happy :) hope you enjoy these pictures



they are so nice


this sweet flower attracted me, i liked it very much


and here is the hall of exhibition



wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)


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