This New era online casinos have taken the world by storm and have undoubtedly made waves in the gaming industry. Gambling fanatics no longer have to drive for miles just to get to the casinos, and neither do they have to compromise with the crowded casinos. Today, casinos have been brought to them and they just one click away. And joining one is no complicated process all you need is a mobile device and a secure internet connection. However, the twist comes in when you are determining if an online casino is legit or not. If not keen enough, you might land yourself in the hands of possible hackers who for one might get access to your personal information and worst, they might empty your whole account.

Playing casino games online can be a truly fabulous experience. Its better when you win, of course but it can still be fun when you lose. It’s important, if not essential, that you use the best online casinos when playing for real money.

But one of the charms of online casino is that you can use many different payments methods to deposit or withdraw your money. Most top-rated casino sites offer the majority of these methods, if not all of them so you can have plenty of options.


Introducing BetTronLive a live dealer casino based on the TRON Network blockchain.

This block chain technology will be used for its security and convenience for this new era, simplicity of use and decentralization. BetTronLive own native token RAKE will utilize a simple Proof of work concept as well as “Proof of Playing”. Where users who acquired coins playing certain games can later use them on other games, hold or sell them on exchange.

Rake Token our own native currency plays a central role in the creation of this new DApps ecosystem. It will power the BetronLive platform, rewards users, and incentives players by keeping wealth redistribution a priority.

Rake is a TRC-20 token.
Rake tokens can be mined by playing certain games on the Betronlive platform and by watching video ads before the live dealer games begin.
Blockchain technology gives players complete freedom to transfer RAKE tokens between each other or just hold them in a safe place.
RAKE will be traded on several decentralized exchanges.
• Players don’t need to install or run any additional software or hardware to mine RAKE.
• It can be stored on hardware wallets that support the TRON blockchain, such as Ledger, Nano S, and Trezor.


The BetTronLive platform uses two currencies- TRX and RAKE. Both tokens have the TRC-20 format, and the RAKE token is a registered name. To further drive the value of the RAKE token, only 100,000,000 tokens will be minted and that number will never be increased

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I support this platform for I see huge potential in this project that it will have lots to offer to its users. Just the Rake token itself is already interesting what more in the future

26.07.2019 16:48

All users are excited with this project. :)

27.07.2019 05:54

So excited for this

28.07.2019 08:47

I really love the live feature. Coming from a country with many migrant workers this would prove to be a very interesting platform for my compatriots.

28.07.2019 09:32