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On June 17,2019 at G12 –Pearl room, a set of classroom officers from 5 sections of Senior High HUMSS , which are G11-Boron, G11-Carbon, G12-Pearl at G12- Amethyst participated on the HUMSS Club Election S.Y. 2019-2020. It started at 7:30 in the morning and was lead by the HUMSS advisers who are Mrs. Edelyn Paculan, Mrs. Anna Liza Alolod, Mr. Ian Manalo and the HUMSS Club Coordinator, Mr. Rodel Catajay ( @guruvaj) .
To formally begin the program, Mr. Catajay gave a short welcome message to all students there. It was followed by Mr. Dingdong Dantes Apostol ,the former Vice President of HUMSS Club S.Y. 2018-2019, who started the nomination and voting. After the president was elected, Ms. Haziel Joy M. Hernandez of G12-Amethyst continue the program as the new president of HUMSS Club. She was followed by William Aldueza of G11- Tanzanite as the Vice President, Justine Joy Sicuhan of G12-Amethyst as the new secretary, Julie Ann Macarandang of G11-Tanzanite as the treasurer, Camela Menion of G12-Pearl as the auditor, Dumars Dural and Joel Emano Jr. of G11- Boron as the new P.I.O., Desiree Gonzales of G12- Pearl and Billy Mendoza of G12- Amethyst as their new P.O..They also elect the new sets of representatives from the five sections who are Jermaine Trijo of G11- Boron, Princess Margareth Aloya of G11- Carbon, Mariel Datinguinoo og G12- Amethyst and Kate Ysabel Maranan of G12-Pearl. This election ended at 8:20 am.

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