Monstrosities: The super-green bird-chopping devices now doting our landscapes

From one of my best/brightest type FaceBook friends:

Bet you didn't know, most of the parts for a wind turbine are built in Germany, it requires 60 gallons of oil to lubricant the turbine. ( where do you think that oil leaks when a seal busts - onto the ground or into the water).
The blades are made of a toxic fiberglass combination and are buried in landfills in Wyoming.
The turbine has to spin continually for 7 plus years just to replace the energy it took to manufacture the turbine...
It has to run continually for 50 years just to pay for the cost to manufacture and install the turbine....which is approximately $2 million dollars per turbine. However, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the lifespan of wind turbines is only about 20 to 25 years.


The analysis doesn't seem to mention maintenance costs.

Hawks, eagles, vultures and the like do not continuously look in front of themselves as they fly, they mainly are watching the ground for prey animals and/or carion, hence their relative defenselessness against the gigantic super-green bird chopping devices...

What we most likely need to be building:

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