CDC: Almost nobody dying of CV19 alone

More people than that still die every year from smoking cigarettes...

There is still the question of 5G radiation killing people and that being called CV19. Part of the question is, what do they WANT 5G and/or starlink for, i.e. what justifies the expense?? Here is the closest thing I've seen to an answer for that:

Paul Dunbar:

What justifies the gigantic expense of 5G and/or Starlink?? Are they really planning on spending tens of billions of dollars so that I can have a refrigerator capable of ratting me out to BigBrother???

“There is significant unmet demand,” says Elon Musk.

My question would be — from where? Third World peasants, whose significant unmet demands might include water, sanitation, food, electricity, medicines, peace, life-expectancy?

Or somewhere else?

As well as abundant bandwidth and global coverage, the system also offers another crucial advantage over terrestrial systems — low latency. The unique features of Starlink are designed to shave vital milliseconds from the latency of existing systems, and these fractional economies will be decisive for high frequency traders, giving the potential for total domination of the markets.

That is where Elon Musk and SpaceX will quickly make their billions back, many times over — from premium subscriptions paid by algorithmic traders.

The needs of ordinary people do not seem to be apart of that picture.

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