Lion Walk - Original Reggae Jam

Reggae jam based on my own imagination and feelings. I hope you enjoy this journey.

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06.01.2020 17:24

Vibes and chill mode initiated !! We love dem vibes on reggaetube and reggaesteem - keep em coming bro 💪🏾

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06.01.2020 22:35

Thank you so much for supporting me! 🤝

07.01.2020 07:20

Epic jahm bro!... shared on Twitter here:

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06.01.2020 23:06

Wow! Thanks for sharing!

07.01.2020 07:19

Yeah man , I love dis! I feel like writing some lyrics to it.

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07.01.2020 04:28

Thank you so much dear friend!

07.01.2020 07:18

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07.01.2020 09:46

That is pretty cool JAHM man! lol I like how the dog is so chill.

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10.01.2020 08:44