Introducing: SteemNavi - an easy way to navigate STEEM

It is our pleasure to bring you SteemNavi, our second initiative after Build-It.

SteemNavi is a springboard site to help you navigate the STEEM ecosystem.

  • Simply type whenever you are looking for a tribe or a community.

    • Share it with your friends to let them know the extent of the STEEM ecosystem.

The website is self-explanatory and is designed to be user-friendly on both mobile and desktop. If your favorite STEEM website is missing, please let us know in the comments below.

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Whoa! This is amazing! I'm definitely gonna save it as a bookmark on my PC to walk through my desired tribe, keep it up!

27.09.2019 23:26

This is a much needed site. It is amazing to see it all coming together. That makes life a lot easier in showing all the different tribes and applications.

27.09.2019 23:37


28.09.2019 01:11

Downvoted for missing most of the ecosystem. Will remove downvote if all sites are added. (If you need help locating the remaining sites just let me know)

28.09.2019 04:04

@guiltyparties We acknowledge that it is not comprehensive. This is to prevent SteemNavi from being cluttered or having a much longer scroll. As a future development the user will be able to login and customize their own navigator from a comprehensive list. The following were excluded for various reasons:

  • Games were excluded but the communities behind them such as SplinterTalk and SteemAce are included.
  • Apps that you cannot browse to such as Partiko, eSteem, SteemPress, Wherein, APPICS, BUZZi, steemwallet, Keychain ...
  • Trading platforms such as blocktrades, steem-engine as these are not for daily use by the average user.
  • Promotional tools such as O.C.D, smartsteem, steem-bounty, auto-steem, MinnowBooster are not for the average user.
  • Fundition has been excluded as most of us don't fund projects on a daily basis.
  • Sites such as Dporn and 3Speak that could cause SteemNavi to be blocked in a number of countries. Our aim is accessibility.

We appreciate all the aforementioned projects and their contribution to the ecosystem. We hope to feature them on a different kind of website such as a "steem directory". And either way, they will be included once SteemNavi becomes user customizable.

28.09.2019 06:49

MintDice is always happy to see new platforms and Steem technology growing. We will give this a try soon, thanks Gulf!

28.09.2019 19:09

That's really great, this was needed. It is now necessary to have a place that has the access links for different SE tribes and dApps on Steem Blockchain because of increasing number of them (The idea of Steem Directory is a good one as well, I would be looking forward to it, and what'd its format).

I hope, these site, mentioned/showcased on SteemNavi, are on the basis of the users and on their interesting themes/niche.

28.09.2019 20:43

Why not make the whole thing just a post?

It's a static website, it could be better rendered with markdown.

29.09.2019 02:57

Hoping that it will help me sometime in future.
Bookmarked it.

29.09.2019 10:31

Wow this sounds awesome and something that I would definitely use, but I think it will be better and more user friendly once " becomes user customizable." I happen to have over 15 Tribe tokens staked and go into my Steem-Engine Wallet Daily if not twice a day to Claim tokens and Stake them up. 👍👍👍
ped 💯 and resteemed*

29.09.2019 16:13

¡Excellent initiative! SteemNavi looks good. Thank you very much for bringing us this valuable tool, :)

29.09.2019 16:20

Looks good.

29.09.2019 17:54

Great site! Thanks for sharing!

29.09.2019 21:09

Why not make the whole thing just a post?

It's a static website, it could be as easily rendered with markdown.

29.09.2019 22:01

Why not make the whole thing just a post?

It's a static website, it could be as easily rendered with markdown.

30.09.2019 07:45

I like, it´s cool

01.10.2019 13:34

This is kind of neat, but there is a feature provided by @steempeak on their frontend/condenser, which is the Tribes Tab, that provides the same type navigation even though it does not provide the option of using other frontends/condensers.

I noticed that you have added more Tribes/Communities so that is good.

Then again; redundancy might be good. @steemnavi does give folks the option of using different frontends/condensers. Just saying...

02.10.2019 17:06
Cool site! I miss the Neoxian tribe in there.


22.01.2020 12:03