SteemSilverGold Daily Highlights - 05 Feb 2020

In order to support the SteemSilverGold community we will be offering a daily highlight of quality posts by members. The premise of the community is to promote physical gold and silver, support member content, share information, and grow the community. The highlighted posts below are selected automatically on a daily basis, using a custom query that evaluates the quality of a post in order to curate the best community content. The rank below does not signify which post is best and we encourage you to read all of the posts. # Top Daily Contributors Our top contributors are picked from the @myprecious following list. #|Username|Post -|-|-| 1|@brian.rrr|[Tesla Stock Running]( 2|@ronaldoavelino|[616 \- 1887 Morgan Dollar]( 3|@soyrosa|[They make you think museums are safe places, but then, suddenly, when you walk up \.\.\.]( 4|@daveks|[Saskatchewan Sunset Classics]( 5|@hooiyewlim|[Spicy Wantan Mee \(麻辣 type\)]( 6|@welshstacker|[Go big or go home\! A £300,000 coin sent for testing and destruction\.\.\.\.]( 7|@davedickeyyall|[The Daily Highlight Reel\.\.\.]( 8|@silversaver888|[World Coin Wednesday: 1888 Canada Victoria Coin]( 9|@summertooth|[A Quick Tour of the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center]( 10|@silveringots|[👀Eye Candy👀]( 11|@enginewitty|[3rd Nonsense Writing Contest\!]( 12|@solominer|[Digging holes and trenches]( 13|@silvertop|[FIESTA TUESDAY \.\.\.\.\.\.\.MEXICAN SILVER AND BRONZE PESO'S AND CENTAVO'S\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.😀]( 14|@infidel1258|[Maxed Out: Work, Gym & Prayer | Actifit: Feb 3, 2020]( 15|@stokjockey|[Just a Beautiful Silver Dollar Nothing More than Pure Beauty\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.\.]( 16|@kerrislravenhill|[\#worldcoinwednesday: 1934 Bulgarian Silver 100 Leva Business Strike]( 17|@ironshield|[Speaker of the House Mutilating a Government Document? 18 U\.S\. Code § 2071]( 18|@kp138|[Cool Light]( 19|@goldmatters|[Mene Daily Recap On Steemit]( 20|@battleaxe|[Curation Nation \(Dive right in\!\)]( 21|@methus|[Mandalorian Review]( 22|@rollingthunder|[2/5/20 Trading futures Update \- PMs\-Up, S&P500\-Down, Crypto\-Down]( 23|@shaungerow|[My Actifit Report Card: February 4 2020]( 24|@kiwiscanfly|[Emergency Shower & Eyewash are Operational\.\.ok]( 25|@caladan|[My Actifit Report Card: February 5 2020]( 26|@smaulgld|[The Crazy Worlds of Iowa, China and Tesla]( 27|@bengy|[Steem Basic Income Giveaway: Your Lockscreen Picture\.\.\. ]( _This digest post directly interacts with the STEEM blockchain._ ----------

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