Dev Jobs Portal

The Dev Jobs Portal is now open in its basic form. If you're a developer looking for work, please fill it out the best you can. Your information will not be shared with anyone except for prospective clients.

The Purpose

To support the Steem ecosystem through connecting developers with project founders.

How it Works

  1. You fill out the form

  2. I will contact you with potential jobs as they come up


The Userbase Skills Matrix is the general publicly available database of which user has what skills.

Q & A

Q: Do you take a cut for your service?
A: No. I match you with a project and move on. I don't take any sort of cut.

Q: Is my name and email address shared with anyone?
A: No. This is for me to contact you with. You will share whatever communication method you prefer with your clients.

Q: What if the hourly rate I list is too low and I end up getting paid less than other developers on the project?
A: When I discuss the project with a prospective client I will make sure that gross imbalances don't occur.

Q: Do I need to speak fluent English?
A: No. All you need is to be able to understand instructions. Same as with any development job.

Q: How many jobs are there?A: Every month is different. Right now there are about 3-4 projects that asked for help finding developers.

Q: What if I'm a brand new developer and have no experience?
A: This isn't for you then. Do your own open source project to showcase your skills and then apply.

Q: I'm a senior developer who charges according to my skill. Will I get outbid by lower-charging developers?
A: No. There may be a project that needs someone of your caliber and has the budget to pay for your services.

Q: I'm a technical writer. Can I apply?
A: This is only for developers, not writers or other non-development staff.

Q: How long do I have to wait to hear from you?
A: Sometimes a few months, sometimes a few days. It all depends on what projects are available.

Q: What if I don't submit my references?
A: I'll find them. All applicants will be vetted one way or another.


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Great idea! This would be a great resource to have for all the upcoming projects looking for devs. Thanks for doing this!

06.08.2019 04:46

I have contacted you in DM regarding dev requirements for @buildteam we always have dev work.

06.08.2019 06:37

I really need to learn coding! ^^

06.08.2019 07:49

Nice initiative. I'll most likely fill out the form later today.

06.08.2019 11:41

Nice initiative.
I'll most likely fill out the
Form later today.

                 - bflanagin

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06.08.2019 11:41

Resteemed this blog

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06.08.2019 14:45

@guiltyparties heeey this is an INCREDIBLE proposal, from this moment I offer myself to translate the post :) write me in discord is the same name or I look for you?

07.08.2019 01:04

That is great opportunity for us, i will fill my name and see what comes out from it!

07.08.2019 07:56

Great initiative!!! Good luck connecting devs with their future projects :-)

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11.08.2019 00:25