King Erik - A fun meeting between B. B. King and Erik Satie - Piano Version Last update

Dear friends
>Queridos Amigos

Today I post for you the latest update to the piano version of King Erik - A fun meeting between B. B. King and Erik Satie.
>Hoje posto para vocês a ultima atualização da versão para piano de King Erik - A fun meeting between B. B. King and Erik Satie.

If any pianist wants to play, just get in touch and I'll make the score available for free.
>Se algum pianista quiser tocar, só entrar em contato que disponibilizo a partitura gratuitamente.

The previus updates can be checked in the links below.
>As atualizações anteriores podem ser conferidas nos links abaixo.

Sharing Creative processes - King Erik - Entire Arrangment
[Sharing Creative Processes - King Erik (Arrangment part A and B)](
[Sharing Creative Processes - King Erik (Arrangment Idea for Big Band)](
Sharing Creative Processes - King Erik - Counterpoint Idea and Small Changes
Sharing Creative Processes - "King Erik" is live - Piano Version
Sharing Creative Processes! - Second Section Exploring the Tone of the First
Sharing Creative Processes - New part!
Sharing Criative Processes: harmonic changes and arrangement of the section.
Sharing Criative Processes: The creation of a new sound!!
Sharing Criative Processes: New music is born!

Hope you enjoy =D

A great hug!
Guilherme Faquetti
September 24, 2019

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