Steem Torch Handover

Because this is a low-effort post (which will probably take me hours to prepare), I want to make it a Steem-environment friendly and zero emission, although there is a lot of burning involved ;-)

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"I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor."
- Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring)

Steem Torch?

"Steem Torch is an experiment to demonstrate the speed and trust in transferring value on Steem social network.”

Well, speaking of speed, while Steem itself is blazing fast and you can get your transfer within a second or two, the Steemians are lazy and it takes time before they make up their mind, write a post, and choose the next perfect victim target keeper of the Steem Torch.

See Steem Torch post by @geekgirl to learn more.

Trust or Trustless?

I’ve received the Steem Torch from @glass.wolf. Thank you for your trust!
On Steem, while making a transfer, we don’t need to trust any third party, which in the fiat world is usually a bank.
However, in such an experiment you still have to trust the receiver to follow the Steem Torch rules.

Playing with fire

Is it safe?
Of course not.
When @glass.wolf previously passed Steem Torch to @rafalski, the receiver tried to point that out in his SteemTorch - WTF?! post.

(You can clearly read between the lines how fiery their relationship is ;-) )

4. Choose a Steemian who you would like to pass the Steem Torch to. Preferably someone you trust will follow the Steem Torch rules, is active, and you believe will pass the Steem Torch to the next user.

While this is done just for fun, please be aware that whenever money is involved, malicious actors can and will come into play.
So far, we’ve been lucky.

Stay safe

When playing with fire, we can learn something useful, more specifically prudence, which comes in handy every time you use your Active Key.

  • Don’t use your keys on public computers.
  • Keep a backup of your case (what if your laptop gets stolen?)
  • Make sure that the recipient of your transfer is who you think they are.
  • An old friend? Do they still have control of their keys?

I could go on for hours, but I’ve already gone off on a tangent. ;-)

And the Steem Torch goes to: @wanderein

Because :-)
May the STEEM be with you!

Bonus: Enjoy the fire

Here are some songs that have something to do with fire. Enjoy!

Link to the playlist for your convenience:

Zero emissions and fire make you think about Greta (well, the other one)

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When wizards play with fire 🔥 magic happens.

10.02.2020 12:27

This is a really cool idea! What an awesome post! Great job @geekgirl @gtg! Great to see so many people actually got involved and the cool tunes that all have the same theme! Avenged Sevenfold Sheperd Of Fire! :-)

22.02.2020 20:01

Steem Torch still doing the rounds, great to see it pop up again with so many tunes to remember not to let the light go out!

@tipu curate

10.02.2020 12:51

Good to see the fire on the torch is still on. May it burns no one but itself in hands of the last torch bearer.

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10.02.2020 14:27


10.02.2020 15:30

Breakout! 💚💖💛

(13 minutes pure gold)

10.02.2020 16:07

Thanks for transferring the torch. I have now handed it over to @jpphotography and we'll be passing around the @travelfeed team :)

10.02.2020 16:37

Big responsibility as the torch is growing with every transfer ...but it seems you guys didn't add any Steem to it 😁

11.02.2020 11:44

Which is valid according to the rule #1 and #2, and very smart according to common sense ;-D

12.02.2020 10:34


10.02.2020 22:05

I don't think so :-) Reading skills are required ;-)

10.02.2020 22:25

What a selection of songs, woooooW!!! :) I know what I'll be listening for the rest of the week! :)
Started reasonably with Greta, to shock it with Vangelis! Well done :)

Mira is left for some peaceful hours to experience an unknown song.


11.02.2020 03:11

Hey Gandalf,
Rafal here -- from Steemfest3. I forgot which platform we had messaged on last year so I'm reaching out through your post here.

Thanks for your help with my account last year btw. I'm back on steemit. I've also been playing Steemmonsters religiously -- and noticed that you're a senior member in the Summoner's Tribe guild. Looks like they have 1 spot open! Since I'm living in good old Krakow, I figured I'd request membership for that one spot. What do you think??

11.02.2020 09:45

Sure, I wrote to them already :-)

11.02.2020 16:11

Dziękuję Gandalf :)

11.02.2020 16:41

11.02.2020 15:51

I saw this thing going on like 3 years ago. Tought it was the same thing still going on

12.02.2020 11:27