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A new release for Steem - that is v0.21 - is slowly approaching.
HF21 Release was just tagged

There was a lot of discussion regarding what is going to be changed, and I’m not going to repeat it here, but I’d like to focus on testing.

Full HD video rendered exclusively for my witness updates

A lot of effort needs to be put into ensuring that everything will work as expected.
The more eyes we have on that, the better the chance for spotting some potential flaws.

There’s a saying in Poland: ”Mądry Polak po szkodzie”.
Literally "A Pole is only wise after the damage is done"
In English, it roughly means that it’s easy to be wise with hindsight.

An important job to be done

We saw how things worked out with HF20, and we really don’t want a repeat performance of that with HF21.
Obviously, software development is prone to errors, errors were made, are made, and will always be made, but let's just try to minimize the chance of unexpectedly finding one at the worst possible time, while we can still track them before the next release.
It’s about OUR Steem, after all.

This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.
Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.
Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job.
Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.
It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have.

How to participate in testing? (Useful links)

Testnet Condenser instance:
Testnet Steempeak instance (includes proposals):
Testnet Steemd instance:

Testnet API endpoint:
Testnet P2P endpoint:

GitHub repository for steemd / cli_wallet:
GitHub repository for a.k.a. condenser:
GitHub repository for

On a testnet, there are equivalents of real tokens to safely distinguish them from the real world:
Steem Power -> Tests Power
They have NO VALUE. They are for testing purposes only.

How does this look?

Here are some screenshots

- Testnet witnesses

- Testnet steemd

- Testnet steemproposals by @dmitrydao

- Testnet Steempeak

- Testnet Steempeak Proposals

- GitHub Issues

Too risky?

Some of you might hesitate to use a main net Private Keys on a less secure testing sites.
That’s why here are 10 accounts for YOU to try.


Initial Active Private Key: 5KQawv7RmDX6rCe9Ugd199uGmxRFsMtccJaPa6WbJZuE83WiYzD
Initial Active Public Key: TST6EZXhp3r3LmbyhicmQeDCiWF1uvzkbUbjYHyTv8yfbQUmcyhwd

Initial Posting Private Key: 5K7aQRzSaDu1mSsqnw1D3A3ywt9ZbPVn8dtCZCWG1bYCZ6Nhh52
Initial Posting Public Key: TST8XvsRZthJv41zUVwXtCBFhA4RtELfRijBvL9aF27C6HYtmKWgW

Initial Memo Private Key: 5KUgUsPMx8D3emNGsv7aseENLAgMvKFkXrTkPXdXPEj28JpW79N
Initial Memo Public Key: TST7h2anMDGFhm7wjYsHyDsnn7aQMoRuZ3qdDLTGPWHCHF9oNKZP3

They will work only on the testnet (please don’t use those keys anywhere else, treat them as compromised)
and only on this very specific instance of the testnet (they need to be recreated when the testnet is re-initialized)

I’ve transferred 1000 TBD (Testnet SBD equivalent) to each of those accounts and delegated some Tests Power.

If you need a private account, with keys that only you would know, feel free to ask me on Steem.Chat, and I will create one for you.

If you believe I can be of value to Steem, please vote for me (gtg) as a witness on Steemit's Witnesses List) as a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you.
Your vote does matter!
You can contact me directly on, as Gandalf

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30.07.2019 17:45

Thank you for providing test accounts so everyone can take part in the testing efforts! Great idea 🤗

30.07.2019 17:57

There’s a saying in Poland: ”Mądry Polak po szkodzie”.
Literally "A Pole is only wise after the damage is done"
In English, it roughly means that it’s easy to be wise with hindsight.

There's a similar saying in English, "Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement."

30.07.2019 18:04

Super useful post, thanks for being a consistent and supportive top witness.

30.07.2019 18:19

I agree testing is important, and it’s really good to see you are offering open access to the test net so people can access it themselves. It does feel however that HF21 is turning into the longest anticipated hard fork ever.

I actually thought HF20 went really well - there were issues of course but how they were handled is what really shines - quickly and efficiently dealt with in a business like manor - that’s what makes the Steem Blockchain such a solid reliable platform - our top twenty Witnesses are on top of their game and ready to handle anything.

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30.07.2019 18:44

cool! by the way, how can users create their own SPS proposals?

30.07.2019 18:54

Use one of the interfaces, such as

30.07.2019 20:07

Hmm.. This doesn't work for me (yet?)

30.07.2019 23:13

Which part of "this"? :-)

31.07.2019 06:07

Yeah for creating proposals. I saw the link and saw a button to create one but it didn't work for me at the time when I tried it. I think it's in active development so may be up and down for a bit.

31.07.2019 11:03

In English, it roughly means that it’s easy to be wise with hindsight.

or hindsight is 20/20

nice work @gtg... thanks for what you do

30.07.2019 19:38

That's actually a great idea ! Lots of people don't have the technical skills to create their own keys etc on a testnet. You should include some details on how to file a bug though, testing is one thing, reporting is another :p

30.07.2019 20:36

Heh, on Steem it will probably start as a post first...

30.07.2019 20:40


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30.07.2019 21:03

Comments like this doesn't bring much value, and looks spammy, especially when you post them all around. If you really like a post, how about upvoting it?

30.07.2019 21:15

Oopsie, I was missing blocks. Fixed.

first testnet block.png

30.07.2019 22:05

That's by the way a tricky one. If you are a witness on a mainnet, your witness updates are tried to be reproduced on a testnet, so one becomes a testnet witness without knowledge and consent, and obviously starts missing blocks because there's no node to sign them.

31.07.2019 05:47

Indeed, I noticed that too while updating to 20.12 and switching signing keys on the mainnet. I missed blocks on the testnet again until I reset the testnet signing key to produce there again.

31.07.2019 14:23

Thanks for this. I just spotted there is a problem with the formatting of emojis in post titles on the test net.

30.07.2019 22:23

Good catch!
I guess that it might be related to how transactions from mainnet are "replayed" on testnet (same issue is visible in steempeak mainnet/testnet) and apparently it was a good guess:

31.07.2019 06:05

Oh maybe I should be reading git before I reinvent the wheel. Thanks @gtg

31.07.2019 15:04

Well, actually it was added to GitHub because you found it :-)

31.07.2019 15:11

Yeppppee awesome

31.07.2019 15:13

Alright! @gtg...

Only for this post, I'm gonna vote for your witness right away!!

No matter how grey a fellow gandalf is and he's not as cranky, funny & pink as myself. :)

Cranky Gandalf


30.07.2019 23:39

Thank you :-)

31.07.2019 06:08

My pleasure mate. :)

And now, let me throw a message to one of my 'sponsors' for a second. };)


You definitely can't READ eh MOFO?

This will be my last warning firealien fruity loops. Click on the damn green text above and READ the damn shit. Or click on the more verbose image below. I don't care. ¡Get Your Shit Together ASAP! 'Bro'.

Cranky Gandalf
02.08.2019 09:10

Thank You!! :)

03.08.2019 04:27

Thanks @gtg, love your story about Anybody, Somebody, Nobody and Everybody, they sound great! :-)

As an aside I'm looking for support in the #butthurtwars. No longer can I stand by and watch General Butthurt bully Steemians with his SP

Ride with me brother!

(Please excuse the link)


31.07.2019 05:54

flag for tagging @gtg! + hearts lol!

04.08.2019 22:04

31.07.2019 15:51

Hi, Im going to leave you an important message on, please check it out

31.07.2019 17:40

Got it, thanks for info.

31.07.2019 18:27

I'm just here for the free toknes.

31.07.2019 18:40


  "operations": [[
        "from": "gtg",
        "to": "nonameslefttouse",
        "amount": "1000.000 TBD",
        "memo": "sometbdlefttouse for testing"

31.07.2019 18:59

Oh nice! Now I can finally afford to test drive that Lambo!

31.07.2019 19:06

I'm flagging you and u'r friends!
Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 6.18.33 PM.pngFlag for talking to @gtg!
@gtg is the #1 worst guy/thing on this platform! Flags for everying see hanging around his blog, or people he up-votes too are all eligible!

02.08.2019 04:21

It's interesting all the coding, congratulations ... by the way I have you on my witness list for a long time :)

31.07.2019 19:43

Thank you, @blessed-girl :-)

31.07.2019 19:54

Pls dont stop. I caught your downvotes on the pricks taking trending every single day.
Its the time to change the submissive mentality of the community. Hf21 is coming and theres a chance things can shift.
If it doesnt start now it never will and steem community will never take control of steem.
Go all the way.

03.08.2019 20:27

I was aware of eonwarped's herotestnet, steemitblog people need to do better at pinning these types to the side board or the feed top. It is late where I am at but I will do as I did on eon's test pages and make some comments and do some votes, maybe even a post. Let me know what else you would like tested from a user point of view, a non-programmer point of view and I will do my best and even put up with the inane comments form onlookers that do nothing. I will be using my alternate account @shadowmask for the testing. i will start when I wake up.

04.08.2019 08:11

I got the following error when trying to log in to the steempeak test site:

Oops, something went wrong. The log in request URL provided is invalid.

Pretty much anything I clicked gave that error, and a:

You need to login before continuing
Sign in with SteemConnect

Which did not work and only led back to that initial error I got.

The condensertestnet did not go anywhere at all, just a blank page with nothing.

On the steempeak proposal I could see the page, click the link, but that was about it, could not vote, or comment.

The was, well to a non programmer - odd looking. Looked like error handling stuff with little down carrots for collapsing table data, a heading box, JSON, Raw Data, and Headers, box's in a menu type line.

I know not much help, but I am guessing it is not up and running right now for test postings and comments. Will check back a little later in the day, or on Monday.

04.08.2019 17:45

My all time favorite steemian witness and friend for zillion of steemit lighthearted ! Much 💜💜💜

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10.08.2019 06:39