Fractal Art #81: Splits Style


I designed and rendered this fractal using JWildFire 4.1.0 in the "splits" style

This fractal is made up of multiple layers of basic fractals as you can see in the screenshot image we have layers of "splits", "phoenix julia", "diamond", and "silver". Together these layers create the fractal you see. I wanted to create a high contrasting colour scheme for this and found the red, yellow, and green to work well. I wanted this fractal to look like a geometric pattern which I believe it does.

This fractal was fully designed and created by myself and I have also posted this onto my creary profile over at under the same username @gringo211985. Please feel free to download and use however you like, fractals often make good backgrounds / screensavers.

Here's a closer look at 3x zoom setting:

Here's me creating the fractal on JWildFire (note the transformation layers at top right)

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