Covid Vaccine Magnetism! πŸ’‰πŸ˜°: June 10th 2021

Dear reader, πŸ™‹

Yesterday I had my first Covid Vaccine! I went by car with a friend to the other side of town to the sports centre to have it done. We went together as our appointments were only 10 minutes apart, well that and we're neighbours. lol Anyway, we got our vaccines (as you can see in the first photo below) and then we had to sit down for 15 minutes before leaving, incase we had any kind of allergic reaction. We were both fine so we went back to our side of town.

When we got back to our neck of the woods, out of curiosity we decided to disprove the 'magnetism' theory around the Covid vaccine and see if we had become 'magnets'. He owns the local Tabacco store so we found a metal Zippo lighter to try it out. He tried on his arm and nothing happened, then I tried it on mine and it STUCK! (As you can see in the second photo) We were astounded! This photo was taken an hour after the injection and I can assure you there was no photoshop involved! I felt like an famous illusionist pulling off an amazing illusion, only I wasn't and this wasn't; this was very REAL!

This was the Pfizer Covid Vaccine and it didn't happen to my friend, so it doesn't happen to everybody. I don't know if it happens with other types of Covid Vaccines aswell but this definitely did happen to me!!!

I'm happy to report that today, I'm not a 'magnet' any more and other than local bruising and a headache (which I normally have anyway at the moment), I feel fine.

Although there was some talk with another friend about what my superhero name could be!!! LOL

I guess now we'll just wait and see what happens when I have the second dose on the 5th of July! :)

Thanks for reading, upvoting and / or commenting, stay safe and have an awesome weekend! Lee :)

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