Word of encouragement: fight and be brave




Joshua 1: 6

> Fight and be brave; because you will distribute to the children of Israel by inheritance the land from which I swore to their parents that I would give it to them.

There are many moments in life that, instead of talking a lot, require effort and courage to face the challenges that God entrusts us to reach a goal.

In John 16:33, Jesus said: Strive ... Cheer up! A definition of the Greek verb "animate" is translated as "having good spirits." When the Lord instructed Joshua, he repeatedly told him to try hard and be brave.

Without that courage (an attitude of encouragement) that God advised Joshua to continue, he would have surrendered when the enemy fought against him. And the children of Israel would never have come to the promised Land they inherited.

The above is true for us on our daily walk. Joy and courage give us strength to continue towards the goal that the Lord has set for us in life.

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