The miraculous protection of God as a result of prayer.




Undoubtedly, the power of prayer is so extraordinary that it moves the hand of God to manifest glorious miracles.

God can do much more than we imagine through prayer.

The prophet Elisha experienced the miraculous protection of God as a result of prayer. The king of Syria tried to kill the prophet, who informed the Israeli army of all his movements. When the Syrian king discovered Elisha in Dota, he sent a large army to surround the city.

Very early the next morning, Elisha saw that the army was preparing for the attack. His servant was scared and Elisha asked God to open his eyes. Immediately, the young man looked up to see the mountain around him. At that moment he realized that it was full of horses and chariots of fire around. It was a fence of angels that surrounded the prophet with powerful warriors of God.

As soon as the Syrian army advanced, Elisha prayed:

I beg you to blindly blind these people (2 Kings 6:18).

Then Elisha led the blind army to Samaria before the Lord opened his eyes, again at Elisha's request. The distance between defeat and victory is measured between our knees and the ground, because our best recourse is to prostrate ourselves before God in prayer.

What miracle could God do for you through prayer?

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@gressy, prayer is what gives us hope through it we intimidate with God to live confident and overcome our burdens.

15.11.2019 00:09