Take the best time to talk to God!




May the joy, peace and love of God cover you in this special hour for you.

God wants to hear your voice, you just have to take a moment of your life and open your mouth and let the sweet words of your heart whisper in the ears of our God.

God wants his children to speak to him and present his needs. Just cry and God will hear the voice of our supplication. However, there are many situations whereby as Christians we miss the opportunity to get answers from God for our prayers, and this should lead us to reflect on several important aspects in our relationship with God.

I think it is relevant to examine some questions about why there are Christians who decide to move away from God, and very well, I might ask you, dear reader:

Do you know what is the main reason why Christians, of all ages, depart from the path of the Lord Jesus Christ? Is it indifference? The lack of good Christian communion? The temptation?

Personally, I would suggest the lack of prayer.

Consider this, how often and how often do you receive answers to prayer? Many Christians have no idea what it is to talk to God about a real need and then receive a specific, valid and perfectly recognizable answer.

In particular, I can quote you biblical promises about prayer, I can tell you some of my experiences and the experiences of my friends, but I cannot pray instead. You can read all the manuals on prayer and you can hear others pray, but unless you start to pray yourself, you can never fully understand the prayer. In a way, this is what happens when swimming or riding a bicycle: one learns by doing so.

I remember what Martin Luther said: "In the same way that the tailor's job is to make clothes, and that of the shoemaker to patch shoes, the Christian's job is prayer." The secret of the life of victory that Luther lived was his commitment to spend time alone with God every day.

The most prominent and victorious servants of God, whether in the Bible or in history, were men and women of prayer. Therefore, let us live in dependence on prayer. Prayer is power.

I encourage you to take the time each day to talk to God. Don't give it just thirty seconds while preparing to leave the house in the morning: "Lord, bless this day, especially because it is Monday ..." What kind of prayer is that?

It is of great importance that we reserve a specific time for personal prayer every day. Try to be faithful and orderly, but not legalistic. Sometimes you may have to pray at another time of the day. There is nothing wrong with that. But, as much as possible, try to have consistent habits.

According to my own experience, I can tell you that the first hours of the morning are the best to pray. This has also been the experience of great men of God and even the Lord Jesus himself during his life on earth.

Take the best time to start each day alone with God in prayer. Do not forget that prayer is something we should practice throughout the day. The Bible commands: "Pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17). At any time and in any situation, we are free to speak with our Father. A dear pastor used to say that every Christian can enjoy "constant and conscious communion with God." And it is through prayer that we enjoy that communion with the living God that dwells in us.

If Jesus prayed, shouldn't we do the same? It is amazing to see how much time Jesus spent in prayer. He was never too busy to pray. When his obligations increased and he had to face great decisions, he was only going to pray. You do

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