I bless you in the name of Jesus.

Having a bright mind and being successful in life means having a great need to change the way we think. We must renew the spirit of our mind if we want to think brightly and intelligently.

The Word of God is a renewing agent and causes profound changes in our brain structure. It is necessary to focus our eyes on the word of God to achieve a good functioning as Christians full of principles and values.

If we seek God's justice centered on his word, we will surely obtain the necessary changes for a powerful revival to occur within us, and only then can we act brilliantly and successfully in life.

The Word exhorts us in Matthew 6:33, King James Version (NIV)

But first seek the kingdom of God and his justice, and all these things will be added to you.

The successful man is animated in the word of God. He receives divine intelligence to be transformed from his intellect and emotions; To shine in your decisions for a triumphant life.

Now analyze this well: there are people who believe they are brilliant and live a revival, because they belong to a certain denomination or because they preach or are part of a certain musical group; But the reality is that their spiritual lives are a failure and there are no signs of a revival: their heart full of bitterness, frustrations, lies, envies and even adultery causes daily failure and not success.

"The defeat of many is not their problems but their sins."

Remember that a man who shines in the Word of God is thrown into a new awakening, reborn and lit with the fire that is the Word of the Son of God and the Holy Spirit. The man who experiences a revival in his life, is fully prepared to succeed and have the ability to be brilliant with extraordinary self-control and easily master sin.

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According to the Bible, What is the proper way of teaching children about the Church??

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