Reflections of life: the need to develop a spirit of courage.




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In Joshua 1: 9, God exhorts Joshua saying:

> Look that I send you to try to be brave; Do not fear or faint, for Jehovah your God will be with you wherever you go.

When God gives a person a responsibility, it is necessary to assume the commitment with great value. Every Christian must understand that God has not given him a spirit of cowardice, but of power and self-control.

In the task that God can assign, two enemies will be presented to overcome, which are: fear and discouragement. These emotional enemies cannot do anything in your life, only you allow it. The spirit of self-control that God has placed within you will make these emotional factors (fear and discouragement) under your will; It means you have mastery over fear and discouragement.

The young Joshua clearly understood that in order to succeed in the task that God had entrusted to him, it was necessary to neutralize fear and to trust fully in God, who had promised him that, in the same way that he was with Moses, to be with him.

Joshua understood the requirement of being brave to be able to introduce the people of Israel into the promised land, and God himself would be responsible for defeating the armies of pagan nations and surrendering the land to the people of Israel.

Joshua assumed the challenge God gave him, after the death of Moses.
On several occasions, God urged Joshua not to be afraid and to trust that God was with him; He just had to develop a spirit of courage and undertake the conquest of the promised land.

If God has given him the responsibility of shepherding a church, or a missionary responsibility to a nation that is not his own, or any other responsibility in the ministry; Do not be afraid or discourage yourself with the new experiences of God, because God promises to support you and give you victory in all stages of life.

Decide to develop within you a spirit of courage so that it becomes a useful instrument in the hands of God.

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As the scriptures say, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and only the violent take it away, we are in times of spiritual warfare, effort and courage is needed, thanks for sharing @gressy.

26.08.2019 12:36

Amen Sister @ darlenys01. Blessings

28.08.2019 02:23