Reflections of life: the expensive is not always valuable




Greetings friends; It is not my intention to take away some of your time reading this brief reflection, just let me express a wonderful example of life in which "The expensive is not always valuable." I want to share what the Book of Ecclesiastes 2: 1-11 says, which refers to the Preacher, which is said to be a great example of how "the good life" lacks the power to make us truly happy. He tells us that he built houses, planted vineyards, arranged gardens and orchards, owned herds and flocks, collected silver and gold and accumulated treasures worthy of kings. No desire was denied, and what was the result? "Everything was vanity and affliction of spirit" (Ec. 2:11).

The most valuable moments in life are generally not "the most expensive"; the laughter of a child, the hug of a grandfather, a cup of coffee with a friend, a walk with the family, the love of dad and mom. The next time you yearn for more earthly wealth, ask God to show you how much wealth you already have in Him. Realize that by believing in God, you have the blessing of the immense treasures of heaven, which will never fade away like earthly riches ( Mt 6.19-21).

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sister @gressy, really the most important things are not the material things or the most expensive because they solve situations but they do not remain forever, so the most valuable are those that we carry in the soul and are eternal. DTB

24.09.2019 16:16