Reflections of life: And in the morning joy will come!




Blessings to all friends and brothers in Christ. Waiting for the glorious dawn, where everything will be song and joy. There will be no more crying, no sadness or pain, but everything will be, an eternal rejoicing in Christ Jesus.

The psalmist David said:

> Because a moment will be his anger, but his favor lasts a lifetime. At night the crying will last, and in the morning the joy will come.

When Israel left Egypt, the wrath of God fell on the Egyptians through the last plague: "the death of the firstborn of the Egyptians and their beasts." This favored the Hebrews who achieved their freedom. While the pain and tears were upon the Egyptians, joy seized the Hebrews in the new dawn. Since then, God has fulfilled his word to free his people and present the promised land.

For reasons of rebellion and disobedience of the people of Israel in the promised land, they stopped serving God to worship other gods. This brought the painful punishment of God upon his people who threw them out of the land promised to captivity in Babylon. Life in exile was painful and suffered, being far from their land. However, after time, the crying of the city ceased after 70 years of captivity. God's favor turned to his people and brought them from captivity to their land. It was all joy, satisfaction and overflowing happiness. As David said: "And in the morning joy would come."

The hope of the Lord's church is centered on this joy, which in the blink of an eye the desire of all nations will come and take its people, and we will always be with the Lord and our joy will be eternal. Your favor will last a lifetime.

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