Reflections of life: a man in revival is successful.




Life is surrounded by many positive and negative circumstances. However, when there are negative circumstances around it, life is full of trauma and can lead to failure.
There are circumstances in life in which the economic is not right, the familiar is in the field and the emotional affects it, and to top it off, a disease overwhelms it.
It seems that the world came to you and you don't find the right answer to get out of this situation that has generated total emotional chaos.

The problems get bigger and they overwhelm you in such a way that the least you think is that you need a revival. Yes, he needs a new awakening in life that will lead him to the path of success.

You need, that rivers of living water, cross your whole being and renew within you, a new hope and a new dream to continue living.

In the midst of so many problems, the solution is God.
God is the one who brings great revivals in people's lives, and this begins with the acceptance of Christ in the heart so that the Holy Spirit begins the powerful awakening to a new life of success.

A revival produces a solution to the problems, and all revival begins as indicated in the Gospel of Matthew 6:33.

> But first seek the kingdom of God and his justice, and all these things will be added to you.

This is the powerful key to a personal revival to walk towards success. It all starts by putting God first and leaving the things of this world in the background.

Seeking the kingdom of God leads to prioritize our life, the justice of God.
The justice of God was expressed for the first time in his great love for humanity, through Christ. That is why personal revival begins with receiving Christ in the heart, so that you can enjoy love, peace, faith, hope and eternal life.

When God comes first in your life, all things will be added to you. This includes the material and everything you can imagine.
Success is in the personal revival produced by God.

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