Reflecting on love between brothers




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Brotherly love is of great interest to both our God and the functioning of our family, be it blood or the family in Christ. It is important to recognize that very early in the Scriptures, we find relevant passages in which God attaches great importance to relationships between brothers. In Genesis 4: 9, the Word says:

And Jehovah said to Cain, Where is your brother Abel? And he replied: I don't know. Am I my brother's tutor?

Something important and relevant to God is how he interacts with his family. How is your relationship with your blood brothers and how is your relationship with your brothers in Christ?
God is not pleased with bad actions in fraternal relationships. On the contrary, he faces them. This was what he did with Cain when he faced his brother Abel and killed him. Immediately God confronts Cain and makes him see the evil of his heart. Of course, God knew everything that had happened. Cain looked for excuses to know nothing about his brother, instead, God confronted him with the truth.

Unfortunately, we see this scene daily in Christian and non-Christian homes. The homes that do not have Christ in their hearts, most are hellish homes, live in lawsuits, in conflicts between siblings, fights between parents and children, in short, everything is a disaster product of hatred and hatred between them.

Similarly, if you review some scenes in the church, you will find murmurs, gossip and demands between brothers. All this discredits the body of Christ and the bad testimony towards those outside. Some unconverted people say: "To be like evangelicals, I better stay as I am." In part they are right. The church must deepen the knowledge of God about brotherly love. The Bible teaches that we must love each other. This is the great foundation for the growth and development of the Lord's church. We must abandon contests and murmurs, and show true mutual love.

The church should not act like the unsaved. The church is the place of restoration of souls and the auspicious place where God spills his love for people.

"Love your neighbor as yourself" is the essential and paramount thing for God in our fraternal relationships.


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The good relationship in the body of Jesus Christ is fundamental, in fact the Bible tells us in the first letter to the Corinthians chapter 13 what describes true love, without love we are like a resonant metal, nothing worth having spiritual gifts or a powerful anointing if we do not love our neighbor.

Good reflection my sister@gressy God bless you.

03.12.2019 14:46