Rebekah, the generous woman who conquered God's blessing.



In Genesis 24: 15-67, there is talk of a woman named Rebekah, who offers us a lesson on how God surprisingly rewards the souls of his Spirit-filled servants.

Rebekah, the Syrian, was the granddaughter of Nacor, Abraham's brother (Genesis 22:23). Rebecca's name refers to "binding" and implies that her beauty was such that she could literally "captivate" or "fascinate" men. She is presented as a diligent, hardworking and sensitive young woman. His willingness to serve Eliezer and draw water for all the thirsty camels clearly illustrates this. In what happened to Rebekah, we see a lesson on how God provides incredible rewards for those with a spirit of service. Little did she know that these camels contained countless gifts for her and her family.
His desire to await the blessing of his family, before accepting the invitation to marry Isaac, who was an opulent prince of the ancient world, constitutes a model for modern society.

How many marriages today would be different if:
1) the Holy Spirit was the guide; 2) if prayer and worship constitute a daily practice; 3) If the couple had the blessing of the family?

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