Welcome to my blog. Reaching the fullness of the blessing requires internalizing what Psalm 24: 3-5 says

> Who will climb the mountain of Jehovah? And who will be in his holy place? Clean of hands and pure of heart; He who has not raised his soul to vain things, nor sworn with deception. He will receive the blessing of Jehovah and the justice of the God of salvation.

Receiving the blessing of Jehovah implies a set of relevant aspects that every Christian should consider:

* Be clean of hands.

Already in your mind you can imagine everything that involves a clean person. It must be characterized by honesty, sincerity and the practice of justice.
His hands, not given to theft, or the bloodthirsty, or the bribe.

* Be pure of heart.

The abundance of love must be the source of a pure person's heart.
Apart from anger, resentment and unforgiveness.

* His soul apart from vanity.

A person who is aware that the things of this world are temporary does not bind to the temporal value of these things, but seeks what is eternal; and what is eternal is not from this earth, but from heaven.
Everything in this world is vanity, therefore there is nothing left. What it is today, tomorrow ceases to be.

* Does not swear with deception.

The person who is well standing on the rock, which is Christ, always tells the truth in his heart and there is no deceit in him.

Liars are children of darkness, and those who speak the truth in their hearts are children of light.

If now, we ask ourselves: Who will climb the mountain of Jehovah?

Every aspect of those mentioned should be reviewed and applied as an examination in our lives as Christians, and so we will know, if we can reach the fullness of the blessing, which is to enter the sanctuary of the Lord.

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