May the peace, love and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Today I base my reflection on a weapon as powerful as an essential resource in the life of every human being, such as "unconditional love", which is our most powerful resource.

Unconditional love is the most powerful resource available to parents. Unfortunately, many affected Christian parents never manifest their love in a practical way, because they are overburdened with guilt for not always feeling the love they know should be present.

It is very easy to be immobilized by resentment, frustration, anger, discouragement and other negative feelings, to the point of repressing acts of love. It is difficult to manifest love when we are offended. What we must remember is that unconditional love is not a warm and affectionate feeling, but a conscious choice. It is a matter of will. If we choose to perform acts of love, we will not stop experiencing the corresponding feelings.

It is necessary to remember that unconditional love is lavished without reservation; It lacks prerequisites. It is love given freely and without expecting gratitude or reward, and not even an answer. When acts of love are carried out in this spirit, they become our most important resource.


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