Meditation: The ability to enjoy is a gift from God.




Enjoying what we have fills us with joy and overflowing with joy in the heart. We enjoy the house, family, children, work, business and enjoy a good relationship with God. Enjoying what we have leads us to develop our capacity for contentment and gratitude to God for all the things he gives us in life.

In the book of Eclasiastés 5: 18-19 we find:

> Here, then, the good thing that I have seen: that the good thing is to eat and drink, and enjoy one of the benefits of all your work with which you are fatigued under the sun, every day of your life that God has He gave because this is your part. In the same way, for each man to whom God gives riches and goods, and also empowers him to eat them, and take his part and enjoy his work, this is the gift of God.

How wonderful! God gives us the gift of enjoying everything he puts in our hands, be it wealth, work, food, healthy drink and all the good that results from God's will.

This passage I read was written by a man who tried almost everything the world has to offer, and wrote to inform us that the ability to enjoy what we have is a gift from God. This is King Solomon, who experienced all the pleasures the world can offer and discovered that the ability to enjoy is an extraordinary gift from God.

To enjoy all we have is to experience what God from the beginning wanted his son Adam to enjoy when he placed him in a paradise where he had everything. Adam had great wealth in paradise, so much that God told him to rule over all that he had created. God is pleased that his children enjoy everything he has put into creation, with the exceptions that appear in his Word. God loves that we, his children, enjoy all that he gives us with blessings.

God gives us the power to eat the healthy things he did in creation, God wants us to enjoy the healthiest way of all the things He did.

To each man to whom God gives riches and goods, he also gives the advice to enjoy with the exception of putting the heart in the riches. We can enjoy our goods, our money, only we must be careful not to put material goods first and replace God. We can enjoy material things without stealing from God the first place in our hearts.

Enjoy life, smile and rejoice. Enjoy all the goods you own, because God gives us the ability to enjoy all this. However, let's not let anything or anyone steal God's love in our hearts.

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We must be grateful and enjoy every moment that God has given us as new opportunities.
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