Meditation: coming alive in the Word of God




There is a song where a part of the lyrics says: "Tired of the road, I have no strength left, I come to you".

Life sometimes becomes a strong struggle and constant survival due to the same global economic chaos. The crisis of ethical values, the low value given to life itself to give more importance to wars, where more money is invested in nuclear weapons technology than in food, education and welfare for the population, is what makes the desire of living I won The little interest to continue living.

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you see that life is the same routine as always, that if you work, you have family, school, friends and, finally, you spend your life in the same thing every day.

You arrive at the moment of spiritual fatigue, because you have seen that life is the same routine every day, and you do not see beyond, something more successful and victorious for you.
Routine itself is formed when we believe that life is in the simple pleasure of material things and that there is no relationship with another person that allows us to see that life crosses the border of everyday pleasure to enter the true sphere of happiness. . That is in Christ Jesus.

In Christ we find new strength to move forward every day and we see a new day as a great opportunity to know more about God's brilliant love for us. That God is our strength, our refuge and protection. That in God we have a true friend to face the dasafios and the obstacles of the new day.

That all who wait on Jehovah will have new strength and will raise wings like the eagle to overcome the problems that may arise in the new day. That with God we can run and there will be no fatigue and that we can walk and there will be no exhaustion. In God there is hope to live and in God there is life to continue enjoying his creation. God loves us unconditionally and wants the best for us.

Therefore, in his Word we can recover life and continue living.

But those who wait for Jehovah will have new strength; they will raise wings like eagles; they will run and not get tired; they will walk and not get tired (Isaiah 40: 3).

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Amen @gressy only God can strengthen us in the midst of any situation and give us the necessary strength to move forward.
Thanks for sharing.

20.08.2019 00:25