Life lesson: our intimacy with God is the priority.




What reasons would God have to create man? What does the man expect from its creator?
These questions are interesting when we begin to look for the reasons that led God to create man and what man should do in response to his creation.

Biblically there is a divine knowledge that God was the one who made man with very special characteristics similar to God himself.
This is expressed in the book of Genesis 1:26

Then God said: let us make man in our image, according to our likeness; and rules in the fish of the sea, in the birds of the heavens, in the beasts, in all the earth and in every animal that creeps on the earth.

If there is something powerful in this word is the terminology "let's do", which expresses a plurality, of course, God refers to: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
This plurality of the trinity also represents communion, unity and intimate and close relationship between the three.
This same relationship of intimacy that exists in the trinity is what from the beginning God has been seeking with the creation of man. That is, God's priority with man is intimacy.

If God created man, man's greatest need is to be loved by God. Know that God loves you intensely. It takes certainty in the deepest part of the heart, that God loves us.


This confidence and conviction that God loves us is reflected in what God did for us on the cross through his son Jesus Christ. In this great love, we find that there is no longer condemnation for those of us who have received Christ. However, the free proposal of God's love for humanity continues with the open arms of Christ on the cross.

God expressed his love for man, and this gives us the confidence of being loved by our creator. Now, what does God demand of us as his priority? That in the same way we love him and yearn to remain in communion with Him.

God loves us and desires us, our communion and worship. God loves us and wants our service to Him to be effective and fruitful. God loves us and expects our obedience to bless us.

If God is purity and love for us, why do we resist surrendering to Him?
It is necessary to review what may be in us that prevents us from surrendering to God. It is necessary to check our pride. Sometimes we believe that we know more than God and that on our own we can handle the affairs of our lives and discard God.

Pride is a poison that leads us to walk back to God and does not allow us to enjoy the love God has for us.
It is important to keep in mind that if God loves us, his priority for us is to show him our love, surrendering to Him.

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