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Consider what the Word of God says, in Proverbs 4:18

But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which increases until the day is perfect.

This word surely reminds you of when you received Christ in your heart and began a new way of life with Him.
His first step in his walk with Christ is like his first step when he was an 8-month-old baby who begins to give his pins and creates an atmosphere of joy in the family, because his little one has begun to take his first step. . . .

This is the kingdom of God, our heavenly Father rejoices in our progress in walking with Christ. God knows that we will not reach perfection immediately, that everything is like the light of dawn, which gradually increases until it reaches the fullness of his glory in the day.

When a baby begins to take its first steps, it will surely also have its falls. When he falls, his mother runs immediately to rescue him and heal some wounds that have occurred. If this mother is loving and generous, you can imagine that the most loving and caring God is with each of her children. Think for a moment, how God takes care of us when we begin to take our first steps with Christ, God is very attentive and is pending when we fall to get up. The heavenly Father knows that in our first steps as Christians we take into account the obstacles to the desires of the flesh. God knows that in our first steps we are very weak, but as we harden our steps, God is giving us strength and we can better affirm our feet on the road with Christ.

With the passage of time, a two-year-old child can better affirm his feet on the road. Similarly, a new creature in Christ after a year begins to bear fruit on his path of faith and begins to pay more attention to all the recommendations of the heavenly Father.
The Lord Jesus told the Father to give him a year and wait for the fig tree to bear fruit, if after that year he did not bear the expected fruit, then the order was to cut it.

This is the instruction, that in a year of walking with Christ, we can already bear fruit. When the believer remains solid in his walk with Christ, he knows that the tempter will always attack him, trying to divert him from the way of salvation, however, the person is convinced that in his walk with Christ, the Lord will always help him. . . . .

The Christian knows that in his walk with Christ he may stumble and fall, but if the righteous fall seven times, Jehovah will raise him seven times and help him increase his path of faith in Christ.

When we fall, God does not get angry, he just waits for us to ask for his help, for Him to rise and give us the strength to continue on the path.
You continue walking along the path you must walk, because Christ takes you by the hand to help you get up, if there is a fall in the path.
If you and I move on, our heavenly Father will be happy with our progress. Do not forget that walking means taking one step at a time, we cannot stop, walking is until the day is perfect and Christ appears in the clouds to take you to his church.

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