Isaiah 64: 5

> You went out to meet the one who did justice with joy, of those who remembered you in your ways .........

A heart overflowing with joy is different from a heavy heart. The joyful heart is full of songs and even when for justice I can be experiencing moments of pain and suffering. As happened with Paul and Silas in the prison of Philippi. God brought them a song at "midnight."
God met Paul and Silas, men of justice, who risked their lives in the preaching of the word, amid wicked and wicked people, hating God, as were some inhabitants of Philippi. Regardless of the pain and circumstances they were living, Paul and Silas sang in their hearts, and God's powerful hand manifested in their favor.

Paul and Silas stood firm in their joy, despite the calamities they had to go through. They were not allowed to steal the joy they felt in their hearts as a result of God's presence and accompaniment in their lives.

This is an example worth following for the current church, we must not for anything, let our joy be stolen; no hunger, no persecution, no death threats, and nothing like that. We must stand firm in our joy of serving God, and God will meet those who do justice.

It is also worth considering, the example of Abraham who left everything, heard the voice of God and followed it, doing the divine will, however, he saw no immediate results, but after a long time, he could see the promise fulfilled in his son Isaac Despite all the things Abraham had to face, he waited until the end, giving glory to God and without hesitation in the faith, but he stood firm in his joy during the long road of waiting.

In Romans 4: 18-20, it is summarized as follows:

> He believed in hope against hope, to become the father of many people, according to what they had told him: this will be your offspring. And he did not weaken in faith when considering his body, which was already dead (he was almost one hundred years old), or the sterility of Sara's womb. Nor did he doubt, incredulously, the promise of God, but rather strengthened himself in faith, giving glory to God.

Abraham did not give his heart to be sad or discouraged in his long wait for the promise, but he says the word, which waited until the end giving glory to God. That is, he stood firm in his joy, while waiting for the fulfillment of all that God had promised him.

Both you and I must take this example of Abraham and keep our joy firm while we wait for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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