From the moment a person receives Christ in his heart, a new stage of life in the person begins and Christ comes to dwell in his heart through the Holy Spirit. However, there are many people who ask themselves this question: How can I know with certainty that I am a Christian and that Christ has entered my life?

Answering this question leads us to review the promise God makes in Revelation 3:20, which says:

Look, I'm at the door and knock; If someone hears my voice and opens the door, I will enter it, have dinner with him and he with me.

Rest assured that you have entered your life through the authority and trust of God Himself and His Word.

All who open their hearts and let Christ in receive the promise of communion with God. From that moment, Christ begins to dwell in that person's life and teaches him the principles of the Word of God.

Then, begin to thank God often that Christ is in your life and will never leave you (Hebrews 13: 5). You can know that the living Christ dwells in you and you have eternal life, from the moment you invite him, responding to his promise. He will not let you down.

Will there be anything more wonderful than receiving Christ? I invite you to close your eyes and thank God, through prayer, for everything he has done for you. Remember that your relationship with God is not based on your "feelings." You may not feel different from what you felt when you raised your prayer by accepting Christ. Feelings will come later. Now, accept your salvation through faith.
Christ is the Lord of your life, because God said in his Word that, upon receiving it, Jesus takes control of your life.

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Truly Christ lives in us

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