God's love never ceases to be




The source of God's love is an eternal source of fruitful life that always shines upon those who obey and do the divine will.

God's love is eternal and with eternal love he has loved us to this day.
In Jeremiah 31: 3, the prophet wrote:

> Jehovah manifested to me a long time ago, saying: with eternal love I have loved you; Therefore, I extended my mercy.

Eternity is the room of God, and his love has no beginning or end, God's love always is and remains forever.
Since God called Abraham and promised to make him a great nation, God's love was beginning to flow through who would later be called Israel. In Abraham, God became a nation to which he always showed his great love. After Isaac's birth and growth, God fell more in love with the people who were about to be born. When the twins were born of Isaac, God generated his covenant with Jacob and in Jacob the patriarchs with whom the 12 tribes of Israel would be formed were born. God's romance was growing for the people who had left Abraham's back. When Jacob entered the land of Egypt with his whole family, in total 70; these multiplied in Egypt and went through a hard process of slavery; However, God's eyes were always on Israel.

When the liberation of the people of Israel occurred, God led them a long way of 40 years through the desert, and although the people were rebellious, God's love remained faithful.
God in his great love fulfilled the word he had done to Abraham, by giving the promised land to his offspring, despite how rebellious the people were.
While they were still in the promised land, the people forgot about God and left behind the pagan gods of the other nations. This aroused jealousy in God and punished them until the people returned to seek the face of the Lord.
At the time of the monarchy, the people's rebellion was of great magnitude, that God had to take them out of the promised land and take them captive to Babylon, and with all this, God's love remained faithful to them. God had rebelled with the prophet Jeremiah, who would show his love with the remnant of Israel that would return from Babylon.

God expressed it as follows:

> Jehovah manifested to me a long time ago, saying: with eternal love I have loved you; Therefore, I extended my mercy.

Although the people of Israel were very rebellious, God showed his mercy on the remnant that had been taken captive. God expressed that his love for Israel had no limits.

This same love, God extended to humanity through his Son Jesus Christ, avoiding all the sins of man and giving him a new opportunity for an eternal life. How great is the love of God, and now he tells us that he has loved us with eternal love, because God had already expressed his love to us before the foundation of the world.

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