Devotional: God saves all who love him




Greetings to all families of @Steemchurch. Today I share a new devotional referred to "God saves all who love him".

In Psalm 145: 20 King David said:

> Jehovah saves all who love him, but he will destroy all the wicked.

Before writing this message, I was on my knees in the presence of the Lord. Nothing better than to start a new day showing your love and thanks to God for everything he has done in your life and everything he has given in your hands.

When we show our love to God, everything changes, everything is renewed within you. There is a surrender before the altar of God, which sometimes you feel you are in his arms. The important thing about our relationship with God is that He also shows us his love. God is tender, sweet, affectionate and affectionate. His Word says that He "saves all who love Him." Something that catches my attention is that if we really love God, we must keep His Word. His word commands us to pray. In this sense, when we pray we find the best source of fluidity of God's love for our lives and vice versa.

God loves us so much that He continually craves communion with us. God cares so much for our love that he continually protects us. God is our refuge, he is so tender and loving that he yearns for us continuously. God made us with the best intention of having someone in whom he could deposit all his love.

Psalm 31:23 exhorts us to love Jehovah and says:

> Love the Lord, all his saints; Jehovah saves the faithful and pays the one who proceeds with pride.

God insists that we love him, and our love for Him always leads him to give us protection: "The Lord keeps the faithful."

It is a call for all who are redeemed in the blood of Christ, to continually express our love for God. Not only in adoration and praise we express our love for God, but in total obedience to His Word.

The Word of the Lord strongly exhorts us that those who love Jehovah must abhor evil.
The psalmist expresses it as follows:

> Those who love Jehovah hate evil; He keeps the souls of his saints; He delivers them from the hand of the wicked (Psalm 97:10).

If we are to be sure of something we love the Lord, it will always deliver us from the hand of the wicked. God will constantly give us his protection. Ours is to love God and hate evil.

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when we learn to love God, everything really changes around us because we look and do things differently and love everything God loves and we hate what He hates. DTB

26.09.2019 01:01