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An example of a life of loyalty and faithfulness can be found in the book of the prophet Jeremiah 45: 1-5, where the life of a great friend of the prophet Jeremiah is told. This is about Baruch, who served Jeremiah during most of the difficult ministry of the prophet. When Jeremiah told him to write his scary words and read them to the people, Baruch did it (Jer 36: 4-19). When the people wrongly blamed Baruch for having inspired the threats contained in Jeremiah's prophecies, he endured his anger and accepted the same fate as the prophet (Jer 43: 3-7).

God saw Baruch's loyalty and faithfulness, and did not allow his obedience to remain without reward. However, he did not promise the scribe an easy life. "And you look for greatness for yourself?" The Lord asked Baruc; "Do not look for them ... but I will give you your life for the spoils in all the places you go" (Jer 45: 5).

Baruch's faithfulness to the prophet Jeremiah was rewarded by God and guaranteed his life in different places where the prophet was.

Friends like Baruc are constantly required in our walk with Christ. God rewards faithfulness and loyalty among friends.

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@gressy, loyalty is a virtue and a characteristic that leads us to great blessings.

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