Changing Header

I have been Trying to Change out the Header on this new Project that I am working on and it has been giving me some issues.

I have Deleted and uploaded my header images over and over again and again and still nothing. So I had to go looking and searching for how to do this and everything I have read was the same thing that I was doing, and getting nowhere with the header.

So I took a Break and let it go for a while did another search and found a post about holding the shift Key Down and Refreshing the Page Guess what IT WORKS.

So there are 2 Morals of this Blog Post...

  1. Take a Break from what you are trying to do and then come back to it.
  2. If you are trying to Load a Header image Just Try and Hold the shift Key down and Refresh the page it will work for you too.

Never Give Up... By The Way Your Ride will be Here Shortly....

Thanks for Reading and Have a Great Day.

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LOL It's great advice....Nothing better than taking a break and refreshing yourself!

10.10.2019 06:00

Thanks for the Comment sorry it took me a while to get back to you, Yeap sometimes that break is all you need to find something new and work at it to make yourself that much better in the long haul. Have a Blessed Weekend.

21.12.2019 13:58

I have had a similar experience this week, and understand how frustrating it can get when it does not work, only to find that you where the problem. thanks for the read ...

10.10.2019 17:03

Thanks for the Comment Florence, Yes sometimes its our issues that we over look. But taken a Break works because you can always come back with a fresh look at what you are doing.

10.11.2019 07:32

Great advice @greensempire, take a break and refresh, always a good idea, keep it up and stay awesome.

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10.10.2019 21:03

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01.01.2020 02:08

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01.01.2020 02:09