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This will happen Sunday the 10th May on the @greenhouseradio at @canna-curate's discord server.

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  • We gonna talk about the Subject ABUSE on the blockchain. And by good timing, just yesterday @steemitblog has posted an explanation on this subject and we would love you to read Day 33 of the 100 DAYS OF STEEM to give you some idea of what we gonna discuss and hopefully get some input from your side too...

    Where do wstand?

    ObObservation of the events since the blocking of Steemit INC's private property.

    After several people who felt that the "Steemit Ninja Stake" was in danger with the sale of Steemit to Justin Sun, a stake who was verbally "promised" by Ned for the Steem development (without any written and signed documents), the majority of the top witnesses at that time immediately decided to block private property and almost simultaneously agreed to mirror the entire block chain in order to "protect" "their" shares. This "hardfork" to Hive then triggered a "dangerous" destabilization of the entire block chain, which was obviously done deliberately.

    In addition to all this, many became greedy and started a predatory action by selling "their" steem to double their mirrored assets on Hive. This situation has worsened the already existing destabilization. A further aggravation, and logical protection measure of his own investment, was stopped for the time being by the new owner of Steemit with blocking the accounts involved in those actions.

Where Do We go?

Companies are spending billions, just to please and attract customers and provide God-Like PR agents. Now imagine some guy entering a PR international meeting by a Multi-Billion-Money-Machine, suggesting to cut off 50% of the customers just because they are from different cultures and have different ideas.

We are in it for the "crypto", the "new" money, probably why people are getting excited. Here on steem it's 4 years and all we have is ~2000 users jumping between 2 chains thinking that money can be duplicated just by creating a fork.

The Road is: Human! Bitcoin's Satoshi Nakamoto came with a vision and changed the world because he knew that the Real Value Is The People.
So what we need is you, Humans with a Visi! And not the oneses jumping from server to server trollg others, they need to be avoided, for they lack vision and the inability to see beyond our time. They're one of the reason "we are stuck" here, for they're missing todays much needed empathy.

The Forum

This is Your Personal Invitation

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to join us and all Steemians who are ready to find solutions to the issues we are experiencing on the blockchain! Together we create a brighter future for all those who use steem as their blog!

Please use the following Guidelines so we all will have a pleasant experience... Thank you!

Communication requires a conscious perception of the value of each word, which together in a sentence results in a unique energy. This verbally expressed energy is received and processed differently by each and everyone.

That contributes to a large extent to the fact that misunderstandings can arise, which can then lead to excessive demands on the participants in the conversation. This excessive demand shows itself often in absurd, irrelevant expressions, which are then, by some, unconsciously interpreted as an insult.

To have the "civilized" Conversation we're all looking for, please:

  • Respect Your Nature!
  • Be Impeccable With Your Own Word!
  • Handle Everything From A Neutral Point!
  • Be Sincere / Honest!
  • Find Truth By Asking Kindly!
  • Always Give Your Best To One And All!


Thanks for being awesome! Thanks for your support! And thanks for listening to the Green House Radio Online!

Stay tuned 😎 and have an excellent time! CU around over at Canna-Curate!

A special "Thank You" to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for helping spread our effort to so many. It has been very encouraging to see all the positive reply.

Respect & Grooviness

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