Customer Reviews on Greener Solutions' Biofeed® Fertilizers

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Look at what people are saying about Greener Solutions' Biofeed™ fertilizers:

Wow! That is the response I have gotten from my clients. I own my own lawn care company and decided to give the products a try myself before offering them to my clients. Six weeks later I was amazed at the difference in my lawns color, thickness and how my thinning spots had even filled in. Greener Solutions really took the time to get everything right. And throw in the fact that it’s helping our environment and the lake properties I do aren’t being polluted…. truly impressed!
--R. Godby

Making a difference for our waterways and oceans…this is the way of the future!
--T. Bunk

I received my order of Flora Plus two days after ordering and applied it the same day. Now four days later I am seeing great improvement on my plants. Especially the lemon trees. Their leaves were pale. Now they are dark green. Can’t wait to see the results at the 30 day mark!
--Cecil Pinder


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