Are you unknowingly creating a nutrient pollution problem?


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Would d you ever give your kids four months worth of vitamins in a day? If not, why would you do that with your lawn?

Most fertilizer applications consist of 3-4 months worth of nutrients. How are those plants ever to use all those nutrients? 

In fact, a plant can only absorb, on average, 15% of the phosphorus slow-release granular fertilizer that is commonly used. The rest of the 85% is leaching into our environment and waterways.


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The Bioiofeeder™ is the most eco-friendly way of keeping your lawn looking green without polluting our environment and having our water be green too. It micro-doses nutrients to your lawn daily. Following the same concept of giving your kids one dose of vitamins in a day, instead of 3-4 months of vitamins in a day.
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